Big Love

Do you want to live the rest of your life with the love of your life?

If you are in a relationship that is caught in a downward spiral and you feel it’s time to do something about it, you have come to the right place.

Kongo Voodoo is a potent force that in the right hands could change a hopeless situation to hopeful in a matter of days.

If it’s a harmonious relationship you seek without anger or distrust, or perhaps the return of an old love, there is a spell for you that could turn your relationship around on a dime.

Take a look at the following potent spells, and let the Kongo spirits show you the way.

And remember. I, Jahari, stand behind each and every spell I cast for you. My spells either bring you all that you desire or I give your money back to you. No questions asked. Period.

Because if you are not happy, I am not happy.

Lasting Love

Lasting Love This spell is for you if you have found the person of your dreams. And, most importantly, you want this relationship to be lasting, loving, and the best it could be. The Kongo Voodoo Lasting Love spell is designed to penetrate the subconscious mind of the one you love and to fortify your … Continue reading Lasting Love

Return a Love

Return a Love Is the love of your life out of the picture? And you are almost out of your mind with grief and despair? Will your heart be broken, perhaps beyond repair, if he or she doesn’t return? And what would your life be like if this happens? Now hear this! What would you … Continue reading Return a Love

Fix our Relationship

Fix our Relationship Is your relationship broken? Do you feel it may be shattered beyond repair? Do your arguments and disagreements seem to go on and on and on? And do you feel you are being treated unfairly, with disrespect, and even resentment? If the above rings true, don’t give up hope. There is time … Continue reading Fix our Relationship

Change Lover's Mind

Change Lover’s Mind Is your lover giving you trouble? Is he or she refusing to give you the love and commitment you so deserve? Are you at your wit’s end because you fear if this situation continues, you are concerned that the relationship may never be all you’ve hoped it could be? And would you … Continue reading Change Lover’s Mind

Friends to Lovers

Friends to Lovers Are you close to someone who thinks of you only as a “platonic” friend? A person he or she can count on, but not in a romantic way? But are your feelings deeper – much deeper – in that you want to be lovers, not just friends? And do you have greater … Continue reading Friends to Lovers

Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving Care Are you currently in a relationship in which you are not receiving the tender loving care you so deserve? Do you seek the kind of romantic love that you dream about, you fantasize about, because you know what you want and you won’t be satisfied until you get it? Do you crave … Continue reading Tender Loving Care

One More Chance

One More Chance Are you in love with a very special person but at this time the relationship is not going well – or going at all? Have there been misunderstandings and miscommunications in the past that are making it difficult for the two of you to reunite in the meaningful bond that you know … Continue reading One More Chance

Don't Leave Me

Don’t Leave Me Are you deeply concerned that your current relationship is on the verge of terminating? Is the person you truly love not being reasonable, not being responsive to your feelings? Are your suggestions for keeping the relationship together falling upon deaf ears? And are you not getting the love and respect you so … Continue reading Don’t Leave Me

Find a New Love

Find a New Love Are you tired of being alone? Do you ever awaken in the middle of the night and wonder how it would be to have your lover by your side? Do you feel it’s a big, cold world and the only way – the best way – is to go through life … Continue reading Find a New Love

My Lover Only Has Eyes for Me

My Lover Only Has Eyes for Me Do you have misgivings because you feel your lover is not totally satisfied with you? And perhaps he or she has wandering eyes? And is possibly on the lookout for someone else? And you are uncertain as to their loyalty and intentions? If so, this potent Kongo spell … Continue reading My Lover Only Has Eyes for Me

No More Disagreements

No More Disagreements Is your relationship hindered by arguments and disagreements? Are you concerned that if this continues, it could undermine your relationship – perhaps causing damage that could never be rerpaired? And is your heart breaking because you fear the situation could get worse? Is this you? You know you are in the “right” … Continue reading No More Disagreements

Treat Me Like Royalty

Treat Me Like Royalty Are you currently in a relationship in which your lover is not giving you the attention and tender loving care you so deserve? Is it asking too much for you to be treated with respect, courtesy, love? And are you envious of other relationships in which the “lovers” treat each other … Continue reading Treat Me Like Royalty

Wake Up and Realize You Love Me

Wake Up and Realize You Love Me Are you currently in a relationship in which your lover is not giving you the attention and tender loving care you so deserve? Is it asking too much for you to be treated with respect, courtesy, love? And are you envious of other relationships in which the “lovers” … Continue reading Wake Up and Realize You Love Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me Have you done something – or are perceived to have done something – that has upset your lover? Is your lover being unreasonable and refusing to “really hear” what you have to say? And is your lover so stubborn that you fear this impasse will never be resolved and your relationship will never … Continue reading Forgive Me