Big Hex

Is someone out there who does not have your best interests at heart?

Are they intentionally trying to sabotage an important relationship or messing with you at work or…?

Is this person causing you stress and anxiety?

Whatever your situation, if you need to get someone out of your life or perhaps even the score, let Jahari summon the spirits in your behalf.

Look at the powerful spells below and see which ones could help you get your life back on track.

And remember. I, Jahari, stand behind each and every spell I cast for you. My spells either bring you all that you desire or I give your money back to you. No questions asked.

Because if you are not happy, I am not happy.

Breakup a Relationship

Breakup a Relationship Do you know of a couple that should not be together? Are you very familiar with one of the people and you are certain he or she is being fooled or brainwashed or taken advantage of by the other person? And is it also possible this person whom you care for so … Continue reading Breakup a Relationship


Retribution Has someone done you wrong? Does this person need to suffer the same consequences they have caused you? Are you ready to turn the tables on them? If so, you have come to the right place. Tell Jahari exactly what you need and let him summon the Kongo Voodoo spirits in your behalf. Please … Continue reading Retribution

Even the Score

Even the Score Has someone intentionally set out to harm you in some way? Do they deserve to learn a lesson that their evil ways will cause serious consequences – back on them? If you are reading these words, then very likely you have a score to settle. And perhaps it’s time to even the … Continue reading Even the Score

Vanish Rival

Vanish Rival Is there someone in your life right now who is making life so miserable for you, you wish this person would simply go away? Do you feel this person’s exit is necessary so you can get back to a normal life — and you won’t have to even think about this person again? … Continue reading Vanish Rival

Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye Do you seek retribution against a specific person? Has this person done something to you or someone you know that you cannot forgive? Does this person have an evil side to them, and you feel you are obligated to get even – to exact an eye for an eye? If so, … Continue reading Eye for an Eye

Place a Hex

Place a Hex Do you want to place a hex on someone? Has this person sought to do you, or someone you know, harm? Do you feel justified in your actions? If you answered yes to the above, this potent Kongo Voodoo spell should fulfill your requirements. Please read these words from Jahari! It is … Continue reading Place a Hex

Cancel a Hex Placed on You

Cancel a Hex Placed on You Do you feel as if a dark cloud is hovering over you, preventing you from leading a normal life? Do you believe this is due to someone placing a devastating hex upon you? Would you like to remove this hex and get your life back on track? If so, … Continue reading Cancel a Hex Placed on You