The Retribution Spell

If Someone Has Hurt You, It’s Your Turn To Get Even

(You won’t be sorry you did, but the other person could be!)

Is there someone who has it in for you? Has someone recently insulted you, tricked you, embarrassed you? Is somebody in possession of something that is rightfully yours?

Do you feel powerless to do something about it?

Now there is something you can do! Ask for a Retribution Spell cast in your behalf. Merely tell us the name of the person who did you wrong and what he or she did–and we will take it from there.

Retribution Spell may affect a person’s behavior, lower his self-esteem, deplete his energy and, generally, throw him off-kilter for some time. More importantly, he may be aware something is happening to him because of the evil he perpetrated. And, perhaps, he will begin to see the light and change his ways.

The Retribution Spell is a powerful, effective way to get even with someone who has little regard for others.

The Retribution Spell - $29.00
You will have an opportunity to explain the details of your request during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast and any other instructions if necessary.
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